The Latest Innovation For Moving Loads Up Stairs – Introducing The Wesco Stair King

Short of manpower lately?  Are those shoulders and back muscles starting to get sore due to continuous heavy lifting? Bought a new piano to play inside the house but find it very difficult to carry upstairs? Worry no more because there’s now a motorized stair climbing hand truck that will surely help people carry loads of stuff particularly any kind of piano  easily at anytime and anywhere.


The Wesco Stairking is an appliance truck running through a rechargeable and maintenance-free battery and has a capacity to lift and move those heavy instruments even if they weigh up to 850 pounds. It has the much needed lifting power that can handle even the most difficult tasks because of its high torque, 50 amp motor. This truck has large rollers for steady lifting and main wheels lifted over the stairs.  It does not only climb stairs but go downstairs constantly and smoothly as well without giving the loaded object a single scratch. Whether a person needs to move his simple or grand piano up the house or up to his studio, Stairking is absolutely ideal for lifting almost anything no matter how many steps it needs to climb. Also, it can go over curbs, cracks, lineal flooring or even wet and slippery surfaces. For more info and pricing you can have a look at one over here.


Using this lifting appliance truck is very easy. The operator just have to fasten its belt together, tighten the handle in order to make sure that the load is balanced and secured to the Stairking, tilt it back and then simply press its fingertip switch either up or down whichever direction it needs to be headed. It also comes in 2 different heights, 66 and 72 inches, and is available with a wide range of accessories.


Still having second thoughts on where to place that beautiful piano but already positioned it upstairs? That’s really not a problem. One can carry it downstairs again without a sweat. All that’s needed is the Stairking and it will do the rest of the work.

Liberator Hand Trucks: Free Your Backs from Aching

Do you want something to aid your back? Then, you need to get hand trucks as soon as you can. Specifically, Liberator hand trucks could be the choice for you. Find out more with more tips below.

Prevent Backaches with Liberator Hand Truck

Being in warehouses or in any other work place, moving and lifting objects may have been a part of your life. This endless activity puts your back in trouble. You might have occasional back aches and strains. To prevent this from happening, purchase a Liberator hand truck. It will liberate your back, including your muscles and joints from aching!

What are Liberator Hand Trucks?

Liberator hand trucks are products of the B&P Manufacturing Company. Since 1945, this company is engineering material handling equipment in Cadillac, Michigan. And Liberator is one of their proud masterpieces. What makes Liberator one of their masterpieces?

Made of Aluminum

This type of hand truck has an extruded aluminum construction. Because of this, it can take on impacts much better than those made of castings. For example, you have accidentally bumped your hand truck in a corner. You don’t have to worry because your hand truck will not break easily. Although made from aluminum, it cannot be taken down easily. Since it is made from aluminum, its weight is lighter than steel types. Nevertheless, it is strong enough just as long as it is within the weight limit. They also work great for moving appliances.

The good thing is that you can move as much weight as you can handle because your moving equipment doesn’t put a strain on you. And since these hand carts are lightweight, these machines do not add up to your already heavy load.

Weight Capacity of Liberator

Liberator hand trucks can also carry at around 600 load capacity. That is already a fair amount of load for most chores. Think about it! With the help of these hand trucks, you can escape the manual carrying of a 600 pound load. Just place your load on top of its platform, secure it and off you go! Your energy will be saved a lot since the wheels enable you to have a smooth flowing work. Worried about rough terrains? These hand truck’s mighty wheels can deal with those kinds of terrains.

Strength and Durability Guaranteed!

For superior strength and durability, its frames are engineered with 4-sided cross members. Its nose plates are designed to be non-cracking and durable. As long as you follow the prescribed amount of load, your hand truck will not bend or break. The best thing is that B&P Manufacturing guarantees you of a 2-year warranty with their Liberator hand trucks.

Get Your Liberator Now

What are you waiting for? Entrust your moving and lifting needs with this top quality brand. For sure, you won’t be regretting on purchasing this heavy duty hand truck. Save your time. Increase your productivity. Save your back. Use hand trucks, choose Liberator!


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Rainy Day Exercise with Kids Mini Trampoline

The kids play outside when it is dry out. We do not count snow as being wet, just the rain. The kids would play out in the rain. They do not care about it in the least. Make sure you get a good dolly and bring the trampoline outside where they will not make a mess. I just do not want to have to clean up the mess. However, on those rainy days they get bored inside. Maybe not so much bored but unable to burn up all that energy they have. We have a game room where we set up a Kids Mini Trampoline inside. When the weather is good for being outside, the kids do not play much on the trampoline inside. When they cannot play outside the trampoline gets a real workout just like they do.
It is great for rainy days and winter days when it is frigid outside.

David Beckham Fights with San Jose and Mascot

After getting a yellow card, Beckett wears his emotions on his sleeve as he curses out several San Jose players and the mascot to boot.

You would think by the way he reacted that he was in charge of moving all the equipment to the game , he was in such a bad mood! You can check out many more such videos on youtube but I think this one is pretty darn good.

Possibly if he would of chilled out with some classical music playing on the piano in his hotel lobby before coming to the game he would have been a bit more chilled out, and would not of had the explosion.


With all the miracle diets being debunked these days, weight loss pills are a wonderful way to help your metabolism speed up as you get older. As you age, your metabolism slows down and you are no longer able to eat everything you want. Over the course of your life, you may have put on a few pounds as these changes in your metabolism took place. Eventually, this weight adds up and it becomes a serious problem that has to be dealt with. Dieting is a very common first step. Unfortunately, if you have not been watching what you eat, jumping to a diet plan is an extremely difficult task. People who have never dieted before may become disheartened and start looking for other options.

Another idea might be to stay active in your work place, moving safes up and down stairs, or even utility or service carts within your office. These activities add up and can have a significant impact on your weight in the long run.

One of the solutions available to you is diet pills. Diet pills are supplements that are designed to jump start your metabolism while reducing your appetite. These pills are made from natural, herbal ingredients that have been used to combat the effects of aging for thousands of years in some cultures. By giving your metabolism a boost, these pills make your body work overtime to digest food, burning more calories faster. At the same time, your appetite decreases, which makes you want to eat less while you burn more calories naturally. When at their peak effectiveness, diet pills may be able to make you lose weight without a single change in your routine. However, to get them to work their best, make sure you take them with exercise and a proper nutritional diet. Consult with your physician to determine what foods you should be eating and exactly how much physical activity is healthy to you. Diet pills, combined with a lifestyle change can take the weight off and add years of happy, active living.

Exercise is essential as many users of the Magline hand trucks report such as UPS or Fedex drivers report that it helps them stay in shape and can avoid taking any diets supplements all together. A great alternative, shall we call it? I mean who wants to take these pills anyway?