Liberator Hand Trucks: Free Your Backs from Aching

Do you want something to aid your back? Then, you need to get hand trucks as soon as you can. Specifically, Liberator hand trucks could be the choice for you. Find out more with more tips below.

Prevent Backaches with Liberator Hand Truck

Being in warehouses or in any other work place, moving and lifting objects may have been a part of your life. This endless activity puts your back in trouble. You might have occasional back aches and strains. To prevent this from happening, purchase a Liberator hand truck. It will liberate your back, including your muscles and joints from aching!

What are Liberator Hand Trucks?

Liberator hand trucks are products of the B&P Manufacturing Company. Since 1945, this company is engineering material handling equipment in Cadillac, Michigan. And Liberator is one of their proud masterpieces. What makes Liberator one of their masterpieces?

Made of Aluminum

This type of hand truck has an extruded aluminum construction. Because of this, it can take on impacts much better than those made of castings. For example, you have accidentally bumped your hand truck in a corner. You don’t have to worry because your hand truck will not break easily. Although made from aluminum, it cannot be taken down easily. Since it is made from aluminum, its weight is lighter than steel types. Nevertheless, it is strong enough just as long as it is within the weight limit. They also work great for moving appliances.

The good thing is that you can move as much weight as you can handle because your moving equipment doesn’t put a strain on you. And since these hand carts are lightweight, these machines do not add up to your already heavy load.

Weight Capacity of Liberator

Liberator hand trucks can also carry at around 600 load capacity. That is already a fair amount of load for most chores. Think about it! With the help of these hand trucks, you can escape the manual carrying of a 600 pound load. Just place your load on top of its platform, secure it and off you go! Your energy will be saved a lot since the wheels enable you to have a smooth flowing work. Worried about rough terrains? These hand truck’s mighty wheels can deal with those kinds of terrains.

Strength and Durability Guaranteed!

For superior strength and durability, its frames are engineered with 4-sided cross members. Its nose plates are designed to be non-cracking and durable. As long as you follow the prescribed amount of load, your hand truck will not bend or break. The best thing is that B&P Manufacturing guarantees you of a 2-year warranty with their Liberator hand trucks.

Get Your Liberator Now

What are you waiting for? Entrust your moving and lifting needs with this top quality brand. For sure, you won’t be regretting on purchasing this heavy duty hand truck. Save your time. Increase your productivity. Save your back. Use hand trucks, choose Liberator!