The Latest Innovation For Moving Loads Up Stairs – Introducing The Wesco Stair King

Short of manpower lately?  Are those shoulders and back muscles starting to get sore due to continuous heavy lifting? Bought a new piano to play inside the house but find it very difficult to carry upstairs? Worry no more because there’s now a motorized stair climbing hand truck that will surely help people carry loads of stuff particularly any kind of piano  easily at anytime and anywhere.


The Wesco Stairking is an appliance truck running through a rechargeable and maintenance-free battery and has a capacity to lift and move those heavy instruments even if they weigh up to 850 pounds. It has the much needed lifting power that can handle even the most difficult tasks because of its high torque, 50 amp motor. This truck has large rollers for steady lifting and main wheels lifted over the stairs.  It does not only climb stairs but go downstairs constantly and smoothly as well without giving the loaded object a single scratch. Whether a person needs to move his simple or grand piano up the house or up to his studio, Stairking is absolutely ideal for lifting almost anything no matter how many steps it needs to climb. Also, it can go over curbs, cracks, lineal flooring or even wet and slippery surfaces. For more info and pricing you can have a look at one over here.


Using this lifting appliance truck is very easy. The operator just have to fasten its belt together, tighten the handle in order to make sure that the load is balanced and secured to the Stairking, tilt it back and then simply press its fingertip switch either up or down whichever direction it needs to be headed. It also comes in 2 different heights, 66 and 72 inches, and is available with a wide range of accessories.


Still having second thoughts on where to place that beautiful piano but already positioned it upstairs? That’s really not a problem. One can carry it downstairs again without a sweat. All that’s needed is the Stairking and it will do the rest of the work.